DIY Fixes for Common Air Conditioner Problems

by | May 2, 2024 | Maintenance

Not every air conditioner issue requires a professional’s touch. Some common problems can be resolved with a little do-it-yourself savvy. Here’s a practical guide to simple checks and fixes you can perform on your AC unit. If these solutions don’t solve the problem, then it might be time to call in a professional.

1. Check Your Thermostat

The thermostat is often a culprit behind AC malfunctions. Start by checking if the batteries need replacing. If you install new batteries, you might need to reprogram the thermostat settings. Also, ensure the thermostat is set to “cool” and not just “fan,” as having it set to “fan” will circulate air without cooling it.

2. Check Your Circuit Breaker

Electrical issues such as a tripped breaker can cause your AC to stop working. This is often due to having too many appliances running simultaneously. Check your circuit breaker and reset any switches that have been tripped. This quick fix can save you the cost of a service call.

3. Change Your Air Filter

A dirty filter can restrict airflow and impair your AC’s efficiency. Fortunately, changing an air filter is straightforward:

  • Locate the filter slot.
  • Remove the old filter.
  • Check the airflow direction on the new filter (indicated by an arrow) and insert it accordingly. This simple maintenance task can prevent a host of issues and improve your AC’s performance.

4. Melt Ice Build-Up

If your AC has ice build-up, it’s likely due to reduced airflow from a dirty filter or other issues. To melt the ice:

  • Turn off the AC to prevent further ice formation.
  • Switch the thermostat to “fan only” mode to circulate warm room air over the coils without cooling, which helps melt the ice faster. However, be cautious with this method as continuous use of “fan only” mode can strain the blower motor.


These DIY fixes can handle some of the most common issues affecting air conditioners, helping you save money and extend the life of your unit. Remember, if these steps don’t resolve the problem, or if the issue recurs frequently, it may be time to consult a professional. Regular maintenance can keep your AC running efficiently and effectively, ensuring your home stays comfortable even in the heat.

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